List of Area formula used in Geometry

By use of these formulae, we can easily determine the area of a body.

Area of square = (side)2

Area of rectangle = length x breadth

Area of a triangle = 1/2 (base x height)

Area of trapezoid/ trapezium = 1/2 (distance between parallel sides) x (sum of parallel sides)

Area of circle = πr2 (where, r = radius of circle)

Surface area of a sphere = 4πr2 (where, r = radius of sphere)

Area of parallelogram = base x height

Area of curved surface of cylinder = 2πrl (where, r = radius of cilinder and l = length of cylinder)

Area of ellipse = π x a x b (where, a and b are semi major and semi minor axis of ellipse)

Surface area of a cube = 6(side)2

Total surface area of cone = πr2 + πrl (where, πrl = πr√r2 + h2)

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